Is there something wrong with my Crested Geckos and can i do something about it?

I have 2 crested geckos in one enclosure and they have been together perfectly fine since October 2018. A few mins ago one of them (Ko) would not stop staring at the other(Katsu). Ko kept eyeing Katsu and would trail his eyes at Kats. Then when Katsu turned around Ko started walking up to Kats and I was worried he was going after her so I turned the lights on and he stopped. Was he going after Kats or am I being too paranoid? (I don’t know there genders but I assume Ko is a boy and Katsu is a girl-they are about the same age and she is visibly smaller)


He seams to be okay to me . But still go with your gut and if you think there’s something wrong , take the lizard to the vet