New leopard gecko not eating?

I bought a juvenile leopard gecko over 3 weeks ago and he has not ate once in the time that I have had him. He's in a 20 gallon and my husbandry is fine, I have a 92° hot spot and the three hides, water, a non-loose substrate, the whole nine-yards basically. I've tried to feed him mealworms, crickets, wax worms, dubia roaches, and even cut up pieces of superworms, all to no avail. He doesn't even seem interested. I'm beginning to notice weight loss and it's worrying, but he can still move around the tank just fine. I'm at a loss on what else I should do because this hasn't happened to me before with animals. Advice?


Moving a leopard gecko to a new place may prolong them eating again. Keep that in mind. Any kind of change like that can lead to a little stress until they settle in. They can go without eating for months. If you start to see rapid weight loss or strange behavior, then go to the vet.


Contact the store you bought him from. They are more expert than most of us.