Turtle Hates Lights ?

I have a 2 1/2 year old female yellow bellied slider. These past 2 months, she's been hating having her lights on her (UV bulb and heat lamp). I have no idea why. I like to keep them on the majority of the day and turn them off for an hour or two to give her "shade time," but lately she's been climbing up on her dock and going up to the lights and pushing them off. It was so bad that I had to put the lights up on rulers and put a smaller tank over them so that she couldn't climb out of the tank or reach the lights as easily as she could before. She went a whole day yesterday without the lights because she was throwing such a big fit. When the lights are off, she doesnt try to climb out of the tank or anything. She also bites her dock and tears it apart when the lights are on. She's in a 55 gallon tank, water temperature set to 78 degrees (sometimes the heater cuts off and turns back on during the day so the water isn't a constant 78 degrees), ZooMed 5.0 UVB and 50w heat lamp, and a 400 power MarineLand power filter to keep the water clean. Is there anything wrong with her or something I should fix for her ?


What is the air temperature at her basking dock? It should be about 90 deg. F. Also, the light should either mimic natural conditions in duration or be on only12-14 hr/day.