What’s wrong with my leopard geckos eye?

I have a leopard gecko and recently I noticed her eye is looking to be a little cloudy and darker. She is currently getting ready to shed but I am not sure if this is the result of her shedding. I took a couple pictures or her left and right eye. I bought her off of craigslist and she was in poor condition about a year ago. I never found out how old she was. Images of each eye https://m.imgur.com/gallery/jErIbQe UPDATE: I ended up taking her to the vet when I noticed the eye became cloudier. Her weight was fine and her level of activity is still normal, the veterinarian decided it would be best to give her Vitamin A,D,&E injections in case of a deficiency and prescribed her an antibiotic to put on her eye twice a day, every day.


Not from shedding. See a vet. Cloudy eyes when snakes shed is cause they have eye scales. Lizards don’t have these


It will be to do with the shed I think. When she sheds, give her a little warmish water bath in a bowl . splash the water over her back - she will clean her eye with the water if she needs to. Make sure her moss is nice and damp and fresh.

Greenie: Update

Update: she also tends to squint this eye but can open it completely if she wants to.