Why don't people like snakes?



It's a learned behavior. The parent or parents learned that their parents didn't like creepy crawlies and so passed that nonsense on to their children. A female child usually imprints more with the mother figure ideas, the male child usually imprints with the father or male figure in the child's life. And so, the crazy prejudices continue from generation to generation.


Because the way they move is like they defy the laws of physics. They just scare the sh!t out of me.


I love snakes, I’m holding my corn right now


I think they are that weak and sensitive to tolerate that kind of animal.


Lots of people do but I'm not one of them.


Partly based on the bible.


I love snakes, they're mysterious! others don't like them because they are creepy, just the way they slither!

The Mikel

1. Feel Greasy. 2. Move strangely, 3. Bible Training. 4. Viewed as Dangerous, untrustworthy.

Jerry S

fear factor.


Because they’re sissies.

Jenny: they are scary!

they are scary! :(


Many people are taught at young ages that snakes are mean vicious creatures that only want to hurt you. (Not true). Like others have said the bible gives people an idea snakes are bad as well. The main thing I see is people not giving them a chance and forming an idea in their mind to be afraid of snakes without even giving them a chance.


Some people have phobias to snakes other find them creepy because they don't cuddly and cute


Because the Bible told them not to listen to the snake.


I like snakes!


I don't like all peristaltic animals


Some of them are dangerous and humans would rather hate them all than appreciate them for what they are and know how to identify and stay safe around those ones. Even the dangerous ones are only dangerous when you mess with them! Snakes are beautiful.


Because they can kill you?


they are afraid of them. Hillary Clinton was the worst one of them all, and that is why she lost in a blowout


bc people don't want to get bitten and snake venom is bad for human blood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNXD10-r6QE


reminds them of penises