Female Rat Benign Mammary Tumor Question?

So, I brought my rat into the vet today for a check-up since I noticed she had a small tumor forming under her arm on her breast. Besides that, she’s perfectly healthy. It’s about the size of a pea inside of her skin. It doesn’t hurt her when I touch it or anything. The vet gave me the option to either get a needle to figure out if the tumor can be left or if it should be removed (approx. 200$), OR go ahead with the surgery of removal (approx. $1000) - I’m a student in college with little money and I cannot afford option 2 sadly... I know I won’t be able to remove it. I think the price is ridiculous to have such a small thing removed. Should I just wait and see if it gets any bigger? Should I pay 200$ to get the test to see if it can stay there or NEEDS to be removed ASAP... I don’t want to have the option of putting her down but if it is a tumor that is absolutely needed to be removed I will have no choice. She’s only a year and a half and I love her dearly. Any option, help, or suggestion is appreciated.


Rats and mice are well known for getting tumors. Even getting them removed isn't a cure as 99% will regrow. Knowing that, are you still willing to put your pet through surgery just to have more tumors to grow and you'll be right back where you are now? IMO, enjoy the time you have left and make her life as good as you can.


Call around and see if you can find a vet that will do it cheaper. It can be hard to find good rat vets but its worth a shot. If you cannot afford to have it removed then don't waste money seeing if it needs to be removed or not. The third option is to just leave it for now. If its not affecting her quality of life there is no reason to put her down. EDIT: I googled it and it looks like people usually spend much less than $1000. Definitely call around.