How long is it okay to leave a chinchilla alone for?

i’m a highschool student and i’m planning to get my own chinchilla, however i know they do not like being alone for long. if need be, my parents are okay with me getting two chinchillas just so they aren’t lonely, however as it’ll be my first time having a chinchilla, i’d be most comfortable with just one. i’m only gone for eight to nine hours a day, but would that be too much time alone for them?


We'll I have two chinchillas and we left at home for a week! As long as they have lots of food and water they will be fine! :D


maybe get 2 of the same sex.


Good for you for thinking about this. I have never had a chinchilla but do have a bunny. I don't see a problem leaving your pet alone for the day while your gone. Obviously make sure the chinchilla has adequate food, water and a few toys to occupy himself. If a chinchilla is anything like a bunny, they sort of enjoy being left alone.