How to stop my Syrian hamster from gnawing bars at night?

I bought a hamster a few months ago and she absolutely HATES being in a cage, all she ever wants to do is escape. Her first cage I got her she continuously gnawed on the bars all night and I could hardly sleep it was so loud, and constantly got woken up :( I thought the cage might have been too small so I bought her a bed and much bigger one but I still have the same problem! I’m so exhausted because I’m woken up by it all the time and it’s not possible for me to keep her in another room, does anyone know how I can stop her from doing this? She has a lot of okay time out of her cage and also has a lot of toys, wheels etc in the cage


That's normal hamster behaviour.

Elaine M

They have to gnaw to keep their teeth short, the things grow continually. Is there anything in the cage for her to gnaw on? Hamsters are nocturnal, they're active at night. Is there a wheel she can run on? Is the cage too small?


Its a sign of boredom. How big is her current cage? Minimum is 450 square inches but bigger is better. She needs at least 5 or so inches of bedding to burrow in. She needs a proper wheel. Large enough so her back doesn't bend. It needs to be solid. No wire or mesh. Rotate toys on a regular basis to keep her interested. I always did an entirely new setup each time I cleaned my hamsters cage. You can always get her a tank. She still needs everything I listed above but if you get a tank there will be no bars to chew. You could get a bin cage as well and just don't put mesh on the sides.