Petsmart policy on returned sick animals?

A few days ago I bought a chinchilla to accompany my current chinchilla I already own. I noticed the first night that I owned him that he had a prolased penis as well as diarrhea. His droppings are very moist and easy to squish. I have looked online and seen people reccomend to lube his penis and gently push it back in but it keeps falling back out. Due to the droppings, his penis constantly gets covered in his poop and am constantly cleaning it. Last night while cleaning there was a thick, sticky, dark brown discharge sticking to the head of his penis. He looks like a fairly young chinchilla. No more than 6-9 months old. I am very attached to this little guy but am disappointed in the state he is in and that they are able to have sick animals for sale when they are sick. If I take him back to petsmart for them to care for him, will I be refunded the money and be able to purchase him back or will I have to be responsible for paying the care they provide?


First, you need to ask them what their policy is. Usually, most places have a policy that you can return a sick animal if it's returned within a certain amount of time and if the vet diagnosed it was sick. Call the store and ask what their policy is.