Do you think trump would be interested in building sea walls on affected coastlines to protect from rising sea levels and climate change?

Like he wants for his properties.


When or if the climate change starts affecting shorelines the proper agencies will do what's necessary to protect our interest just as we do now and have always done. I've been listening to the climate change crowd for about 60 years and the timeline keeps changing. They use their computer models to predict what will happen but nature doesn't always do what they say it's supposed to. Trump may be an old memory before such actions are needed.


No. For one thing, the coastal cities tend to vote Democratic. For another, sea walls don't work (not that Trump would know that).

Lone Star Patriot

Funny you should ask... Donald Trump supporters want to build Atlantic Ocean wall to keep out immigrants

Never Polled

I will support as soon as I see any evidence of sea level rise. I live on the coast. No sea level rise here.

Anne Arkey

Trump won't believe in climate change or rising sea levels even if Mar-a-lago is under water.