How much money did Colin Kaepernick in the National Football League and how much of said money has he donated to helping troubled youth?

For someone pitching about change, Kaepernick doesn't seem to be doing much else then bellyaching from the sidelines. We pay these players millions of dollars to partake in a school yard game which is becoming nothing more then touch football, who still get paid those millions of dollars if they just sit on the sideline. Alas why should Colin do anything when viewers would rather follow Donald J. Trump like a sheep dog and turn what was nothing more then a peaceful protest into about disrespecting a piece of cloth well they sit on their *** in their recliners from home pretending their twitter outrage matters. Instead of watching the NFL Half-time show, why not help out a soup kitchen. @Sally: How exactly am I 'racist'. 2 percent isn't much to millions of dollars and Forbes isn't a reliable source. @Anonymous 1: $100,000 equally out to $800,000 in total over time, still isn't much to millions of dollars regularly. "The KKK or the Trump Organization ": Perhaps some should read the question before reacting.


A few million I know of two different charities he donated $1million each, one of them was to help in some draught stricken country, Kapernick not only bought a enough water to fill a cargo plane he charted the plane Plus he has made smaller donations to veterans charities such as wounded warrior and the USO


Those figures are his own business and not ours, nor are they relevant to the issue of the discrimination he has faced as a reslut of exercizing his First Amendment rights as a citizen of the United States. I am old enough to remember Jim Crow, when black athletes and performers were denied access to the same hotels and restaurants as whites. As a child I watched Walter Cronkite explaining the film where the white police turned firehoses on peaceful protestors and charged them with nightsticks and tear gas. I am so proud that my white, wealthy parents took the time to explain to me how important a man Martin Luther King was. That is the America that the neonazis who control the GOP want to return to. They want to Make America Shameful Again. I look at Colin Kaepernick as great American who ironically took a stand by kneeling and has paid the same price for his principles as Muhammed Ali did when he refused to go to Viet Nam. Take your cheap shots at him, trolls. He is bigger and better than you, and will be remembered when you are dead and rotting.


I'm not really following you, Sergei. Who's side are you on?


Never heard of him doing any protesting OFF the field, ONLY when there was a camera around .......................................


A few million and ZERO.