If there is scientific reports, that the sky is falling would you believe them ?

Just wondering on the whole global warming, climate changed. Since there are reports. And if there are reports that the sky is falling. If people would fall for that to.


Not without evidence I have seen evidence of climate change that's why I believe it

The Lord Humungus.

Sure If I read them and the evidence was there, which would likely include a definition of "sky" which is some what more limited than the one used by some nut whose last book read was the Little Red Hen. Science isn't as hard you pretend it is. It simply disproves your dogmatic beliefs and that makes you angry.


That’s sounds like a religious report, not scientific one.


I'd look up,if it wasn't falling...I'd question the quackery of these scientific reports. Too many scientists back each other up wrongly for funding,when it is really academic dishonesty

Never Polled

Nope. The academic scientific community is a useful tool for the globalist.