Political men, what does it mean when you say a person is manly or masculine?

Please list traits, characteristics, whatever...I am curious. Plus, I want to get this image of a male person biting the head off a live snake out of my head. Seriously, what are the traits?


In my view, there is masculinity and there is macho. Macho is fake posturing usually acted out by insecure men. They have to have guns and large trucks, they swagger, they put down women and minorities, they are sometimes violent and their most common emotion is anger. Masculinity describes a REAL man who can be strong when it is needed but does not have to use it to take advantage of others and who can feel compassion for those who are less fortunate. Real men are willing to help, mentor, tutor, support and encourage others, and they feel secure in having all their feelings, including sadness.

David S: Some traits considered manly include

Some traits considered manly include: Strength, courage, independence, violence, and assertiveness. There are others.

Bubba Ray

All I know is if a man is orange and a porn star says he has a tiny mushroom ****, there is nothing manly about that.


it is everything that democrats hate.