Really? Does anyone believe that donald has an psychic knowledge of international relations which has taken scholars decades to refine?



DT stands on the political stage and bungles like a clown.


Which Donald? The idiot who has no business running my country, or the idiot who has no business posting answers on Yahoo?


He might have psychic telling him crap. Like Reagan's astrologer.

The Lord Humungus.

Sarah Huckleberry thinks so. She says God made him president.

Integration 20

These same scholars nearly destroyed the world economy in 2007, and can't seem to figure out how to get Middle Easterners to stop killing everyone after more than 5 decades. They gutted American manufacturing, and cannot get a handle on the hordes of illegal immigrants pouring over our borders. I might actually trust a self described "psychic" over one of these experts, right now. Lolz


It appears you felt a need to vent, but still haven't anything intelligent to say.


no he is smart though but psychics should be avoided..


No, but he has balls, which decades never calculated for with previous politicians.