When does Climate Change become too weird to believe for you?

I'm a skeptic about Global Warming and Climate Change . . . whatever they want to call it now. This from an archaeological site. Thursday, January 31[2019] Colonization of the Americas May Have Cooled Global Climate LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM—BBC reports that a team of scientists from University College London have determined that European colonization of the New World caused the death of so many indigenous people that the event, known as the “Great Dying,” may have impacted the world's climate. https://www.archaeology.org/news So . . . is this something you think might be a little false? Led by geographer Alexander Koch, the team calculated that some 60 million people lived in the Americas before European contact, and that the population dropped to just five or six million within a hundred years as a result of newly introduced diseases, warfare, and social upheavel. The demographic collapse allowed cleared land equal to the area of France to be reclaimed by forest and savannah. The team hypothesizes that the new vegetation would have taken enough carbon from the atmosphere to cause global surface temperatures to fall, resulting in a cooling period known to history as the “Little Ice Age.” To read more about the Great Dying, go to “Conquistador Contagion.”


My personal opinion is that this has happened before and will happen again. If it had NOT happened before we would still have dinosaurs. The earths physically would not have changed either. It is normal. Yes we need to keep it cleaner, that's a no brainer. We are the earths stewards and its just common sense to keep our home clean. Check out this link about global cooling( a thing in the 60's- and 70's) which gave way to global warming later on. https://www.thenewamerican.com/tech/environment/item/18888-embarrassing-predictions-haunt-the-global-warming-industry


Hopefully, no taxpayer money was used to finance that 'study'.


Unless you have a degree in Meteorology, your opinions are not needed


Which just goes to show the impact humans have Ps So much lead was used in petrol there was a noticeable drop in American iq levels until it was banned


When sea level effects my coast drastically. Sad


So keep sticking your head in the sand like China, India and the USA has done for decades........ it won't affect you so much but do not have children as it will seriously affect them and future generations