When Maxine Waters says she believes Manafort was a Russian plant, but has no proof?

All feelings and no proof. Is this indicative of most Democrats these days?


No All feelings and no proof is all trump worshipers have


Obama still lives in your head rent free I see, ya Russian krill. Don't feel too bad. Someone still uses a bastardized Alan Colmes as their avatar and name but he died about 2 years ago.


Mueller will clear it all up for you .

Max Hoopla

It is her opinion.


Manafort was a Russian plant. Believe me, as Trump would say.

The Game

Yes, racist beech Maxine Waters is a true democrat,...a talker out of the b-hole.


Reading the Inquirer?


It's indicative of Trump. He makes statements or tweets all the time without proof... and you believe every one of them.


Sadly, it is. The Democrat Party operates purely on hate and faith now. There's no other way to explain their unanimous convictions that Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist, that the Covington schoolboys are racist trolls who started the confrontation, that Trump and friends are Russian spies, and that Hillary Clinton is innocent of any crime.


Conservative America has been actively denying reality for decades. It is obvious to everybody but the religious trumpster what's going on. He is being treated like a common criminal by the authorities, because he is one. Reality: Coming your way with the subtlety of a 10 ton truck. Conservative ''Values'' have lead to this: Well, greed, really. Greed is not a value. #wakeup

Raisin Caine

I like feel like OMG, like it so like and stuff. When I hear someone talking like this, I automatically tune them out. If you cannot use the word "like" correctly and must insist on using it as a pause word, then it shows that you are formulating your discussion point as you go, instead of having actually spent time thinking about it. Further, when you add "feel like" you generally are giving an opinion which are rather "like" (note PROPER use of like) buttholes, we all have them. I am not saying people are not entitled to have their opinion. What I am saying is that public policy should be based upon FACTS and trying to use evidenced-based analysis to determine the most effective ways of helping society. "Feel like"'s are simple not an evidence-based analysis in any way shape or form.


better question is why the media doesn't call her on her assertion without any evidence and even gives her cover over her stupidity.