When you vote in elections, do you vote for someone you know will represent you as an american or another reason?



I would lik to vote for people whose beliefs are close to mine but there are none Can't vote Republican because I am pro choice, pro gay rights, pro tax the rich, pro gun control Can't vote Democrat because I support strong military, I want illegals deported, against tax payer money being used for health care and college So because no one fits my beliefs I just vote anti incumbent


The elections I vote in are not for Americans because I live in the UK. I vote for someone if I think they will do what they say they will do, and that what they stand for is good for the community/country.


I vote for someone who represents the values and policies I believe in. I also choose someone who seems to be of good character.


I vote on who pisses off the liberals the most.


I vote for the candidate whose platform I most agree with and someone who represents my morals and beliefs.


Those who will represent me and d9 best for the future


I vote based on the lickability of the candidate's teeth