Why do republicans want to prevent Americans from voting?



At what point does the individual take on responsibility for their own lives? I live in a rural area and they polling place it not close, and at any rate I have traveled for my job for almost 20 years. Frequently away on election day. Yet I have never missed voting, It is important enough to me to make it a priority to obtain an absentee ballot. My voting is my responsibility.


Only way they can win and they know it


Fear. They do not like democracy.


I don't think Republican wants to prevent Americans to vote. Democrats sure puts lots of money on ads on get out to vote. Most of the Republicans can't take time off work. Which if it is a holiday maybe there would be a higher number of voters.


Now with people working such long hours they don't have time to go to vote so most voters are rich or pensioners so more likely to vote Republican so the Republicans don't want to make it easier for the ordinary working American to vote because then more Democrat voters would vote and they'd win!


High voter turnout favors Democrats, Low voter turnout favor Republicans, So if you're a Republican lawmaker, like McConnell, you will do whatever you can to prevent people from voting.


Because they don't want to lose their power. You have seen what has happened with a Republican House, Senate and President. Trump has done whatever he feels like, including breaking the law, shutting the government down for 35 days, getting rich and being Putin's buddy. They have done a lot of damage to this country and will continue to do so if the American tax payers vote for them in 2020.


It's like in the old Soviet Union - you can vote if you vote Republican.

Ominous Cowherd: FACT CHECK

FACT CHECK: Mostly false.


No need to blame anyone even your self. It's all karma. What happens now is best for your life.


They are afraid if more were to vote fairly, they would loose a lot of positions - either that or have to HONESTLY compromise to keep them.. Ether way they don't like it - they want the power all their way and that's it.