Can a liberal and conservative to be friends?

I am european capitalist my best firend is ultra leftist


Sure. I am a far right ancap and have friends that are conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats.


Forty or fifty years ago I doubt educated people even thought it could be an issue --- some things do not change for the better.


I always date non libertarians. I am a libertarian and hardly any girl are libertarian. And I have dated every ideology, and I am friends with green leftists


Of course they can, my politics generally fall left of center and I have many conservative friends, people can have common interests that go beyond politics.


My best friend is a big black libertarian cvnt. I am a big white supremacist conservative cvnt. Yes


Sure they can. An example is, a liberal art student being friends with a conservative business student. They'll have debates on politica occassionally, but they can go drinking in bars and clubbing together while having fun.