Do Republicans realize that all it takes is a few more decades of immigration, and they are not a viable party, unable to win elections?


Warren T


Anna E

It's not just the Republicans. With rampant immigration, in another generation, none of the wealthy white politicians will be in power. I am surprised that the Democrats don't realize this. They are pushing immigration because they are managing to get the different immigrant groups to vote for them. As soon as these groups realize they are the majority of the voters, the tables will turn 360 degrees.

The Taxpayer

yes. Do you realize that in fewer decades that all the money through entitlements will be gone and there will be no more immigration?

Mike L

That is why they are really trying to prevent ALL immigration.


Trump and Clinton won’t be running for President in a couple of decades? But yes, immigration is changing voting patterns throughout the world I very much doubt the Democrats will become the only party though,that’s a horrible disutopian idea, a democratic one party state. I’m sure both the Republican and Democrat parties will mutate and become unrecognisable to both older republicans and democrats

W.T. Door

@ Jingoist Jones Hispanics are keeping Florida and Texas Red states. @ Jingoist Jones The DNC hates legal immigrants because they often vote Republican. You are correct the Democrats are trying to use illegal aliens to overthrow our two-party system so they can replace it with a one-party (Democrat) dictatorship. It is treason in slow motion.


That chart misses something important. Men from all races are going republican including Hispanics. The increasing divide for the parties isn't towards minorities for one party and whites in another, but men for one party and women for the other. It is however cute that you make the issue about race when data shows republicans are increasing their minority voting numbers, while democrats are losing male voters.