Having things really gotten that bad in this country that the Far Left actually has a change of winning?



Evidently the anti-Trump brain washing that the news media did on the democrats must have bleached their brains, and you are seeing the results in the form of some of the recent new powerful politicians in the democrat party. Things like Pelosi's new position of "no wall" have now emerged to reflect the extreme left. It has a very good chance of taking control and doing permanent change/harm to the USA. To close this era of the USA and start up another, which will probably be a lot worse. Young liberals seem to conduct themselves in a manner that regardless of what they do or think, there is an omnipresent leader above them to make things right and take care of them. It is not like that. You fly into the unknown with nothing but your education, character and limitations. What happens is all your choices and mistakes.

Justin Thyme

They are harming themselves and America. They are too blind to see either.


For them "winning" is about dictatorial control. (see New York state government presently) . And yes, people are dumbed down enough that they stand a chance to seize power.


The Far Left -- No. Sanders and Gabbard have almost no chance of winning the Democratic nomination and the general election. However, it is likely that -- as has been the norm since at least 1964 -- the Democratic nominee should be somewhat left of center (and will probably have to make some pledges to mollify the left wing of the Democratic Party). As recent polls out of Michigan show, most of the main Democratic contenders will start out favored to win the general election. (Those polls are somewhat surprising as general election polls taken during the primaries tend to underrate candidates from the party with a contested primaries as supporters of Candidate A will say that they would be unable to support Candidate B in the general election if Candidate B wins but ultimately fall in line to support the party's nominee.)


trump is an utter moron who conspired with Russian spies during his campaign . I see that as treason . I think that is pretty bad .