If a Communist was elected President by the people, would the Electoral College stop him from becoming President?

You know they have the power to do that by voting for the other candidate

David S

It's unknown because it's never happened.


Not all are allowed to vote against their states wishes. There was a movement to overturn Trump, it failed.


Probably not. Most states have laws against being a "faithless elector."


It probably wouldn't. Many states have laws against electors voting against who they were pledged to vote for.

Dale V

No, we had something in office worst then a communist, he was called a MUSLIM(Obama).

Country B4 Party

The electoral college is a joke and is heavily biased towards conservatism. In fact, it's literally the only thing preventing conservatism from going completely extinct. The electoral college had it's chance to save our country from a monster but cast their votes for Trump anyway. It was one the darkest days in American history. A total failure of the system.


No. They elected Barack Obama.