In 2020 elections, will you vote for independents rather than present elected officials who won't do anything?



No. I'll vote to get Trump out of office. The Democrats actually do a lot, though I don't like all of it. But, let's face it, the following are associated with Democrats: increased minimum wage, healthcare, social security, medicare, 40 hour work week, family leave, women's rights, civil rights, gay rights, environmental protection, and so on. The Dems don't do everything the way I would like, but overall they've been much better for most of us than the Republicans have been. The Republicans basically represent rich people and paranoid white people who live in white areas but fear anyone not like themselves.


Put an independent on my ballot and I may very well vote for him or her. It pains me to have left the Presidential space blank for these past few elections. But when both party approved candidates are duds one can't in good conscience reward those parties with a vote.