Should The United States make election day a national holiday? If capable please provide an answer other than yes or no.?

Mitch McConnell says NO! A national holiday would be for federal elections like Presidential Elections, Mid-term. We shouldn't leave voting rights up to the State or your employer.

Country B4 Party

Yes I think so. It shouldn't be a partisan argument either. No matter who you vote for or support, elections are at the core of what makes America so amazing. We get to voice our opinion about who leads our country and I believe people should have an unimpeded opportunity to voice theirs. It could be a day to vote, go home, and watch the results come in to figure out who is going to be our new representatives. It's the one day tens of millions of Americans come together at the voting booths in a collective voice regarding the direction they'd like to see our country go. I believe this is well worth a national holiday since it's the most consequential day our country has.


Of course. If we can miss a day to shoot fireworks and grill hamburgers to show our patriotism, certainly we can miss a day to do something really patriotic. And bonus...more people will be able to vote! I know (some) people are worried it will skew elections to the Republicans because they are the only ones working anyway. But I say let the chips fall where they may! We won't know for sure until every single American casts a ballot. Happy Election Day everyone!


Yes, it would serve the country well to make election day a national holiday but without pay. Change up Columbus Day for Election Day. oh, and of course Mitch McConnell would say "NO." It wouldn't serve him and his party well.


I believe it should be It would probably increase voter turn out But I am against trying to make voting mandatory like some countries

Mike L

Yes because it would hopefully allow for a better voter turn out. Every legal American should have a voice.


Honey, isn't this the equivalent of using a 16-pound sledgehammer to kill an ant? Please share!

Dr. D

It's a stupid idea. Why? First of all what election day are you talking about. Presidential Elections, Mid-term Elections, State and Local elections? Second, it's completely unnecessary since people can vote by mail, or vote by early elections two weeks before election day, and on election day most employers already allow some time off to vote.


No. That would mean more working people could get to vote which would swing the election towards the Republicans.

Bobby Jim

No, it's not necessary. Poles are open from 6 AM to 9 PM. And, the Presidential Elections take place on leap years. And nearly every state offers early voting programs.


No, because if it is a holiday, people won't vote.


In the northern half of the country in November, all the malls would be packed. Stores would hold election day sales and pre-holiday sales

Jeff D

No. I almost always vote in under 15 minutes (and I live in a large urban area), which is something I can easily do before or after work. The idea that I somehow need an entire day off to accomplish this trivial task is absurd. Moreover, almost all states require employers to give time off to vote, if an employee otherwise has to work during the time the polls are open. Many states also allow absentee, mail-in or early voting to anyone who wants it.