So in the 2020 election will Texas be split like in the 2018 election?

It was a very close election between Senator Cruz and Beto O Rourke. But what is interesting is Texas districts either went heavily for Cruz or heavily for O Rourke. It indicates that state is as divided as any State has ever been. Which way is Texas headed or it is headed for total division. . . This was a question one could answer "Yes" or "No". I gave Foofa the best answer, because she brought up some good issues, but, I gave only three stars because she did not say "Yes" or "No". But Foofa still rocks cause she has very good intelligent insight, and writes with skill. No election result in any state I ever saw was as divided as Texas in 2018. . .


Prob not. Cruz is incredibly unpopular and the only reason he won is because he's a Republican.


I don’t know if Texas will be split but my butt is.


Liberals have predicted that Texas would turn blue for decades. Hasn't happened yet.

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Texas is purging (from the rolls) the non-citizens who have been illegally voting.


Many states, even the bluest of the blue and the reddest of the red are split between more liberal folk in the major cities and the more conservative in the rural areas. In 2016 Clinton carried 13 counties in Alabama and Trump carried 25 counties in California. If there was ever an argument for proportional rather than winner-take-all awarding of Electoral votes, that would be it.


Texas split like that because their districts are gerrymandered. I don't expect it to turn blue until 2040.

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Texas will step up and do the Right thing.