The Democrats have some real losers running for President, don't they? Can you image the damage they would do to the country if any of them got elected


Reminds me of the 19 who originally ran for the Republican nomination 4 years ago, and theory would up nominating the worst, least qualified person ever and he got elected. Hope the Democrats don't make the same mistake we need someone that cash kick Trump to the curb


Even the worst Democratic candidate would be better than Donnie


Part of the Show. The Party Boss puts up a lot of people, then narrows the choice to two or three, then gives the people the appearance that "they" are choosing. And it ends up with <whether the party wants to win or look like they lost>. Do you really think Clinton was a "Best Choice" to win? A dubious history of politics, A more dubious and strong smell of corruption (moral and legal). I have noticed that people tend to shake their heads when lying, as they make inaccurate statements, and nod when saying correct things.


Sparticus ??? How about Curly, L0srry and Moe




The losers certainly terrify regressives.


painfully naive


The Democrats odd-ball collection of characters is shaping up to be a two year long circus.

mR JiNgLeS

Are any of them banned from operating a Charitable Fund by a court order because they are of such low character? Like Trump?


Election is over, I guess. No need to worry about it. Trump will be re-elected in a landslide. Don't trust the polls.


Your pig president is the real loser. His life will end in disgrace and shame. Everyone is starting to see how dangerous and STUPID he is.


It worked for the Republicans last time.


More than Trump? Not likely. Maybe, you're not aware that Trump decided to lie and say ISIS was defeated.


Couldn't be any worse than the shitshow Trump got us in.