Why do people hate communism and love capitalism?

I am a capitalist too beacuse I am with the society


Communism is a fine ideal. That we'll all do equally well. But nature doesn't follow that pattern. It has programed us to compete to rise above each other. Most communist regimes end up corrupt, because their leaders still want the power, glory and WEALTH. It drives us all, from birth to death. So it's not so much loving capitalism. It's what works because it's the way in which the world operates. Even the animal kingdom has its pack leaders and hierarchies.


To paraphrase -- Capitalism is a flawed economical model ,but communism is far worse.


Capitalism has saved more people from death and lifted more people out of poverty that any other system in the history of mankind. Communism is responsible for more deaths and slaughter than any other system in the history of mankind. Choice is very simple.

Mr. Smartypants

I am not anti-communism. I think communism COULD work. It never has worked, though, because it's never really been about serving The People. It's only been tried in countries that were grotesquely corrupt, countries without a pre-existing tradition of democracy. So the people in these countries just traded one set of despots for another. In the US and UK, the Powers That Be, the rich, the big corporations, the 'interests', really feared communism. It would shake things up. THEY would lose their control of the economy, their engine for making THEMSELVES richer and richer. So they portrayed communism as predatory, threatening, something we needed to fight against. They began doing this before communism actually even existed, when it was just an idea some people were talking about. The thing is, communism failed pretty harshly. The people, the populations of People in Russia, Cuba, China, Vietnam, etc., didn't get any richer. Their standard of living didn't improve under communism, but it was pretty bad before. It's debatable whether they were better off before or after. Today capitalism is failing. It worked moderately well for a while but nobody could call it a success today if you go by The People, their wealth, their standard of living. In the US, the middle class has more or less continuously lost ground for 40 years now. IOW unless you make about $250k/yr (or more), you are poorer this year than you were last year, and poorer that year than you were the year before, going back to the late 1970s. MOST Americans weren't born by then, so they never really saw prosperity in their whole lives! Even now, when the govt. brags of huge economic gains, most of us are still a little poorer every year. Wealth is growing more and more concentrated. I would call that a failure. wouldn't you?


Because people don't like starving and then being put into Gulags for criticizing the regime. Most Democrats are too stupid to see it but that's where America will end up if the evil agenda of the Democrat party isn't defeated.


Ask the Russians


In america


Live in China then