Why is Democrat Racist Northam refusing to step down? Does he realize that all white democrats are also racist and won't make him leave?



He likes being wrapped in the Confederate flag! It makes a fashion statement!

Jeff D

Like most Democrats, he doesn't practice what he preaches. Democrats want Republicans punished for their scandals but not their own.


He was elected to do a job, he is doing it.

pit bulls bite

cause booker is a rapist


I bet you don't get laid much.

acid victim 25

He loves to see his own picture on TV

The Lord Humungus.

How exactly do they "make" him leave? They've called for his resignation, because they're not Republicans who'd be defending him still, like they do King. They can't impeach him. So what exactly should "they" be doing?

Hog Warsh

Because the liberal democrats are the party of racism. Have been for over a century. It's deplorable and an outrage.

Weasel McWeasel

now what's that republican line Always used in some scandal..........?????? Oh yeahhhhhhhhh, ......"let the voters decide!" Good for him.........stand firm...........ya got a problem with him, ? press charges or vote him out of office.


He was elected to do a job, he is doing it.

W.T. Door

The Left is pushing him to resign over BS because the Lt. Governor is Black. The Left wants VA to have a Black Governor.