Why is it legal to have full term abortions?

I'm disgusted and petrified that this is now legal. Besides for medical reasons, why would women "choose" to kill a baby at full term? Why would women choose to go through months carrying an unborn child only to kill it at late term? How inhumane is that? One of the aspects the law outlines is if the mother's life is endangered, "physical, emotional, psychological, familial." I think that leaves A LOT of gray areas. To what degree does one consider those factors of a mother's endangerment to be met?


Nothing new has been added to abortion rights. It's now legal is almost like saying I'm disgusted women have the right to vote? I thought full term was based on medical situations not I woke up on the wrong side of bed. Families make decisions some things should stay private. Best we all should do is offer an alternative then let people make their decisions and pray they all be ok.

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It only applies if the fetus is already dead or dying or if it would kill the mother


H.R. 1892 of 2018 made that legal


Satan is definitely at work in his short last days.


Stop being such a stupid ***. No one is having late term abortions. As you stated, what would be the effing point? If you’re pregnant and know that you don’t want the baby or can’t afford to have it, why be pregnant for the full term and then abort? Don’t be such a damn fool to think that anyone is doing that. Lay off of Alex “Performance Actor” Jones and the other right wing performance actors.


Extremely rare, generally the law giving the doctor the decision, that the fetus unborn child is not viable (dead in some way or horribly deformed maybe), or mother is in danger and even a Ceasarean would kill the mother. Instead of seeing right wing trash talk, look into what is actually written into law and how it applies.

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Stop believing lies.


Because that's what our liberal friends need so that they can...FEEL...better. Sad, I know, but still.


Because our world is filled with EVIL people.


A newborn isn't humane enough to care about, she should have the right to choose