Why might the electoral college issue threaten to become a partisan one? Considering 2016 election?


Armchair Goddess #1

Trump and his Russian MAFIA aiders/abettors only took the 2016 Presidency by two states, but they were "winner-take-all" states in terms of the electoral votes. This is where the GOP's for-profit contractor GEMS Election Monitoring System (see blackboxvoting.org) comes in to "count" Democratic district votes in GOP-governed states (two of which decided the outcome in 2016). GEMS inserts a DECIMAL POINT that is hard to detect when it counts the votes of heavily Black or Hispanic voting districts, so the vote count is treated as if counting quarters and dollars (it takes four to make up one). I sent a copy of this article to Robert Mueller just in case there might be foul play by either the Putin-planted Russian MAFIA operating in the United States or by the power-lusting villains named in the 2017 book by Jane Mayer, "DARK MONEY: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right"---or a joint criminal-conspiracy effort to steal the election. If the massive voter suppression of the right-wing hidden-agenda white nationalist Republicans can be brought to an end ("The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits" by Greg Palast, 2016...available on amazon.com), and the states that currently have "winner take all" change that to a proportionate sharing of the electoral college votes based upon the votes each candidate gets, then perhaps the travesty that put an inane, insane, lifts-wearing, incompetent, malignantly narcissistic vulgar and corrupt sociopath into our White House will never happen again.


i didn't know there was an issue with it. last i checked the democrats were just butthurt they lost.