America is a multicultural nation. Not a white nation. The term "White America" is racist. We are going to end with "White America"?

America must be MULTICULTURAL ! There cannot be multiculturalism with a white majority. This is why America must NOT be white majority. White majority breeds racism


All white people are not racist.


you realize that race and culture are not the same thing, right?


ok. What's your question?


We have to get rid of all of the hyphen-American designations. They are racist and divisive.


America is a majority white nation, it was multicultural for different white cultures just like it was a melting pot of white people. Multiculturalism and diversity were never America's strength lmao, liberty and freedom are and social unity.


Russian Troll


You are just a lazy contard troll sitting in a cage in mommy's basement who isn't going to do anything.


It was way better than now when America was 90% White. I remember it well.


A state can be multicultural, but a nation can't. That's not what a nation is.


LOL Blacks were driven out of Los Angeles after Mexicans moved in. The thing that is least talked about in MSM is Black Vs Hispanic racism It will be good to watch that in the coming decades. Whites won't be there to maintain law and order.


There is NO SUCH THING as a multicultural nation. Without a unifying culture, you have CHAOS, not a stable nation.

Spock (rhp)

multicultural may well be an evolutionary dead end ... with the usual consequences. the race is to become effective and efficient, not to be inclusive for the sake of inclusiveness.