Americans, What does cause you have relations with Iran and no Relationship with Israel as an alley?

what causes you support Palestinian Arab State OVER Jewish State of Israel? Even they be granted economic Support Not Israel? How do you accept to befriend IRAN which is more likable than ISRAEL for they believe in Jesus AS [co-]Messiah? Thanks!


Iran is a terrorist state.


We have a fairly close relationship with Israel


Hmmm idk


We kind of mind our own business as Americans. We have no problem with the Iranian people. Their government and our government have the problem.


You keep on pretending that you are an Iranian Jew. If so, don't post nonsense like this. If you continue, we will have to report you. PS: An "alley" is a small, narrow passageway, usually behind houses. Don't post in English if you don't have a reasonable knowledge of the English language.


So much wrong in all of that. Down to Jews thinking Jesus is the messiah. They do not recognize him at all while Iran (islam) says he was a prophet.