Are men a problem with no solution?

Men hate women and will always abuse women.


I dunno, I've been married to a man for a long time and the worst thing he's ever done is ask me to go to lunch with his mother. I also have a couple of male children who've never tried to abuse me. Surely this counts for something.


I think those who are anonymous are diabolical evil schemers

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There is always some sort of solution to every problem, most of us have discovered. Insecure men who are afraid to even admit they are secure then to be intimidated by strong women, but if the wise women realize the negativity these types of men try to heap upon them (the women), no woman would be willing to give into the insecurity-driven bullying or bad behaviors of the men. Many guys are quite insightful or empathetic, secure enough in themselves to risk loving a woman smarter and stronger than they are. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (both Leos, astrologically) have stated with pride that they married women who are smarter, stronger, and prettier than they are, which means these two men are secure enough in their own beings that they do not run away from women who are better than they are.

Steve H

Abuse goes both ways. If she psychologically or emotionally abuses him and in response he physically assaults her, then guess who I feel sympathy for? The answer is neither of them, because they are both abusers! Some men certainly do hate women, but they're a minority. By the same token some women hate men. Therefore some "people" are haters of the opposite sex. Why we live in an age where it's okay to criticise men and not women is beyond me. If "people" do the wrong thing, then call them out on it.


Ok, I can do that

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Heh. History is filled with men acting like idiots and risking it all to woo women.