Do you agree with Nancy Pelosi? Should everyone forget about impeaching President Trump???



Yes Even if there is video evidence the GOP controlled Senate would never convict

Mr. Smartypants

Pelosi doesn't want to take the position that Trump is guilty before investigation, guilty until proven innocent. She doesn't want the matter to be seen as a political vendetta. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were accused of every crime any Republican could think of. Every Repub who went on a talk show parroted the whole ever-growing laundry list of accusations, as if they'd been proven. Even after most of the accusations were totally debunked and discredited, Republicans continued to repeat the ever-growing list. Pelosi wants to show that Dems don't need to do this. That really they only want to find the truth! So there will be an investigation, there will be 'congressional oversight' as called for in the Constitution. Most people think Trump is totally safe because the Senate is still in Republican hands. He might be impeached, as Bill Clinton was, because the House is now in Democratic hands, but it's very unlikely he'd be removed from office by a Republican Senate. I think there's a possibility (growing every day) that the Republicans in the senate could decide Trump threatens their own seats and decide to throw him under the bus. That's what happened to Nixon. But that will happen AFTER a thorough investigation and an orderly impeachment in the House. Insisting 'We're gonna give him a fair trial and THEN we're gonna impeach him!' is unethical. That's what Republicans do, not Democrats.


Yes. Support your fellow American citizens. We should ALL benefit from whoever the president is.

Bubba Ray

One thing is certain; Nunes won't be running off to the WH to give updates on the investigation. That is because Republicans didn't investigate the facts and with Democrats leading Congress, Nunes will be lucky to know what time of day it is.


well they wore it out .. any attempt just looks like premeditated bullsht ...


SHE doesn't believe that.


An impeachment without an indictment is pointless (as Bill Clinton proved). She's wise to keep the Dem powder dry until there's actually a chance of success. No doubt she's closely watching Mueller right now.

Armchair Goddess #1: Sally or Russian BOT, whichever fits

Sally or Russian BOT, whichever fits: When the 111th "most productive Congress in more than 60 years" (2009-2011) was headed by the tiny Pisces with a lioness heart, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the mild-mannered former boxing champion Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), more than 362 quality pieces of legislation were passed and then signed into law by President Obama. If you know anything at all about Nancy Pelosi, you would know that the California Democrat is deft at holding the "herd of cats" House together and getting legislation through---the best vote counter in politics. There will be REAL investigations by the various committees now chaired by nonpartisan professionals like Civil Rights ICON John Lewis and others of his ilk, in part because of the ACTS OF WAR that have been committed by at least one hostile foreign power that was AIDED AND ABETTED by some very prominent Americans. This has to be uncovered fully and then shared with the American people, but there is no hurry so far to begin impeachment proceedings as long as the Mueller investigation is being conducted. Speaker-to-be (on January 3, 2019) Pelosi is simply saying "Don't put the cart before the horse" (or horse's rear end as the case may be).


You mean keep Trump in the White House for another two years so he drags the Republican Party into the ground and makes all those lickspittles in Congress fear for their jobs. Sounds like a plan to me.


I'd rather see him tarred and feathered and ridden out of DC on a rail.


Actually yes. I don't think impeaching the criminal imbecile would be good for the country. Just elect an actual human next time, learn from our mistake, and move on (assuming the nutcase doesn't start WW3 first, which is entirely possible considering his lack of sanity).

Philip H

They Should but they won't. Democrats in general will do Anything to stop Trump from succeeding is his efforts to eliminate threats to peace and security. When Trump Succeeds it will be proof positive he was correct and they are Failures.


If she said that, she is lying.


When the new House investigating committees begin using subpoenas to bring out the truth about how much Trump has been in violation of so many laws, even the GOP Senators will start considering impeachment. Nancy might just be thinking lets do the research and let the cards fall where they may. Nunes and the GOP committees intentionally avoided finding out the truth. Those days are over now.


He should leave.


Impeach him....I'd enjoy watching the Pence show.

35th is Best

He'll impeach himself anyway