How long does it take to get the permesso di soggiorno (Italy)?

i had my quetura appointment on 28th november. and they me gave a reciept with a codice assicurata code. that i have to enter on the questura website to check my permesso di sigorno.but it has been now 50 days and the website still says that my permesso di sigorno is still being proccesed.can you tell me the exact time that how long it will take to proccess .. by the way i submitted it at florence questura.and is it possible that i can travel back to my country without permesso di soggiorno?


Depends on each case........... are you a 'refugee'? If so then why are you making a false claim that you fear for your life in your own country and yet want to travel back there........ If you travel and of course you can, then you have no claim on returing to Italy It must be requested by the immigrant to be allowed to reside in the country for more than eight days, or more than ninety days if having a travel visa (visto d'ingresso) for as you have been waiting 50 days you are not a tourist