How To Tell if a Person is a Scammer ??

The person sent me all the documents, passport, driver's letter etc ... but I do not know if the documents are original.


The second they ask for money, it's a scam.


I’m not sure maybe get an fbi


You can tell a person is a scammer if they send you "documents" that no honest person would be dumb enough to send you -- because they wouldn't know whether you're a scammer.


If you don't know someone well enough to know if they're a scammer there's no reason for you to have access to their personal documents (unless you work for a governmental agency, in which case you already know how to authenticate these documents).

Spock (rhp)

if the deal feels too good to be true -- it likely is shady or worse


Since all those documents are generated by different agencies each requiring either your presence or documentation then getting them from one person is a scam, a big scam


I would go to a notary