I never read Hillary's book. Give me the abridged version...What exactly DID happen?



ONLY a democrat would view her blatant rage and disgusting insults towards half of the f*cking population.....and then be surprised when they lose the election that those people will be deciding. I really dems. I used to think they were just terribly stupid, but now I'm convinced they're willfully evil.

Nacho the Great: bernie was beating her :( stupid man

bernie was beating her :( stupid man :( then she rigged the DNC and trump was beating her :( stupid man :(


She crapped her crooked pantsuit live on stage. LOL


Hillary Clinton blew the election on her own. She brought nothing to the table. Her whole campaign was, "Vote for ME, so I can be the first woman President!" and "Vote for ME, and I'll make 'rich' people (except my own friends) pay huge taxes and give YOU lots of free stuff!" I could have won that election. Hillary Clinton is just too stupid, too greedy, and too corrupt. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!


Trump is a puppet.

immattj1: One word

One word: PUTIN.