Should australia move there embassy to jerusalem?



You should learn to use the word "their". I did when I was 9. Update: Oh and Australia should be capitalized. Which I also learned when I was 9.

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Is 2018 the year of Zionism? What's next with these right wingers? The construction of the 3rd Temple?


yes. its up to Israel where their capital is. and embassy should be in the host nations capital


No need. Leave well enough alone.

Jas B

This was said by the Australian Prime Minister, last month, in order to improve the chances of his candidate Dave Sharma winning a by-election in Wentworth, Australia. Which would result in the Prime Minister losing his majority in Parliament. His candidate lost, in addition to this another of his MP's has changed their support to the opposition. So it is highly unlikely he could get support for such a measure. I suspect Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison is now far more concerned in trying to win next May's general election.


Most Australians live in Tel Aviv.