Can government solve all your problems?



Government creates more problems than it solves.


No. Government creates problems.


Government CREATES most of our problems

Wage Slave



Big Government is the sword of death to any viable society.


if they were able to i would've gave my problems to them long time ago


If "solving all my problems" is a euphemism for government killing or murdering me, then, yes, governments the world over have demonstrated the ability to "solve" their citizens' problems into mass graves. Otherwise if you're talking about actually solving peoples' problems, government has little ability to do that.


No, just look how they tackle any issue.


Not all, but many (not saying most). There should be a good balance and it depends what individuals lead.

Lord Bacon

No but it can prevent many of them if properly funded. I LIKE safe food, safe streets, defended territory, safe air travel, safe prescription drugs, good road infrastructure, sensible local planning control and building codes, schools, international standards so my cellphone interacts with networks around the world, passport services so I can travel and loads of other things like that. When an adequately funded government does its job, I have less problems that need to be solved.