How to find real news?

I don't watch news just because I don't want to be brainwashed.


Surely you can figure out when the facts are simply being presented to you as news versus when commentators are sharing their OPINIONS - and you do know the difference, don't you? National news e.g. ABC, CBS and NBC which normally comes on at 6:30 weekdays usually just gives us the facts and we can decide for ourselves what that means. I watch both. I like to hear what others think who are knowledgeable about an issue - primary sources. I listen and decide what I wish. I steer myself away from commentators who are clearly biased one way or the other; e.g. Rush Limbaugh.

Donnie Doom

Firstly, you should clarify the difference between primary and secondary sources of information. Then you can begin to filter out the fake news from the real news by only looking at primary sources. The Guardian is the only totally unbiased newspaper. Wikipedia is also a good place to get unbiased information. YouTube clips of people actually speaking are also good because they are primary sources. News like CNN and MNSBC is extremely biased.

Indigo Shojo

You can get better news about what's really going on in the U.S. from a foreign news source. BBC News is a good one.

william ellis

I watch sometimes the news on Dish form Africa and China and it does make the world small for they seem to have same problems as American does....