Men, how many times do you shave your face?

I shave mine 2-3 times per week.


2-3 times


Anon, I have a beard, I trim. ;-)

New World Man

I don't, just once in a while trim to even out - for about the past 37 years.



Zulcan The Great.

I only have the need to shave my face twice a week. I have sensitive skin.

18 gibbs 20

6 or 7. Sometimes I skip Saturday.

Arlanymor Mountain Man

Every day,sometimes twice a day

Wire and String

daily for the mustache and chin, which start looking sloppy with the slightest stubble. 2-3 times a week for the burns, which look good a little stubbly.


Twice a week usually.


Daily. Straight razor. Takes 15 minutes to put the best edge on it off leather pad. Has custom fitted Antelope horn grip surface of a light tan color. Heirloom that came with Arkansas Toothpick. Both sailed with The Great White Fleet to foreign ports of call. My people were voting Democrats then to go there and do that.

Supreme Thoughts

I usually do once a week.


Every other day



Candid Chris

Haven't shaved for over a year.

Lucious Dinsmore

No less than once a day. I can’t stand stubble.

Gummy Roach

Every 2 days.


I work 2 days a week at home and 3 away from home. I shave every time I work away from home. Rarely on weekends. If I am on vacation, I do not shave Shaving is one of my least favorite things to do but it is necessary

Elyse Rose

Every three days or when ever my squaw comms for me.


I have a beard but I try to trim it up once a week or so.


3 times.