What type of speech is protected in the first amendment and what is not protected?

Could I be charged if I share my theories that the government wants kept secret like Area 51 and aliens, time travel experiments, parallel worlds, etc


No. There are certain things that are forbidden. Any speech that endangers safety like shouting "FIRE!" in a crowded theater, or advocating/threatening violence against someone such as when the KKK leaders would talk about killing and beating blacks, and then their followers would act on those things, the leaders were liable because they went over a line and were advocating violent acts. You can't use speech to protect exploitive acts like child pornography. You can expect trouble if you disseminate classified information that you had access to. But you talking nonsense about sci fi stuff is clearly protected under free speech.

Mr. Smartypants

From the very beginning of the idea of free speech, people understood that there are categories of speech that aren't protected. Fraudulent speech, slander and libel, encouraging people to violence, etc. But crackpot scientific theories are protected, in fact that's the kind of speech Free Speech was meant to protect (along with political dissent). If you worked for the govt. and signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), then you could get into trouble talking about it. Otherwise, no problem.


ALL speech is protected in the constitution but the corrupt supreme court has reduced this to a considerable degree , just because speech can be harmful doesn't mean it should be banned , there is always a legal redress

The Football God

Agreeing with you is protected. Agreeing with me is hate speech.


It means what it SAYS.


nope. BUT if you were to sneak-in and take pictures, your azz would be in jail WHEN they caught you ...............