Who has more power in America? The president or the speaker of the house of representatives?


Mr. Smartypants

The president is more powerful. The president leads the Executive Branch. One man leading a whole branch. The Speaker of the House leads the House of Representatives, one half of Congress, which is another branch. But the Speaker is not in charge of the House as the president is in charge of the Executive Branch. The thing is, historically many presidents and speakers have overstepped their constitutional powers and have gotten away with it. When they've done that, media voices have called them 'the most powerful president' or 'the most powerful speaker of the house' only because the wielded illegitimate power without getting into trouble. Presidents who've done this were Nixon, Reagan and GW Bush. Speakers who have done this were Newt Gingrich and John Boehner.


By all measures, it's should be the President, but when the President is an ineffectual moron, all bets are off.

The Football God

I don't know, but it sure the hell ain;t us, the voters.


The President


no one, checks and balances