Why does my friend dislike the government, but yet likes Obama?

I have a friend who could be considered a conspiracy theorist. He follows a lot of conspiracies. And he believes that the two party system is rigged. I feel the same way about the two party system, which is why him and I have always agreed on a lot of things. But I recently found out that he supports, trusts, and greatly misses president Obama. If he feels that the government is corrupt and untrustworthy, than how could he like Obama? It just makes no sense and is completely contradictory to everything he claims he stands for. And also, he's always talking about how the government is evil and wants put society in FEMA camps, and yet he supports completely banning firearms and disarming society.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

If the two party system is rigged, then what group obviously has benefited the most from that rigging? Obama pisses off that group more than anyone else.


Well if he supports completely banning firearms and disarming society then he is not following what Obama wanted. In fact under Obama more firearms were sold than under any previous President mostly, of course, due to the false campaign started by the NRA and the Conservatives with the "they are going to take your guns" lie. All Obama ever promoted was a responsible licensing and training system set up across the US so that individuals purchasing guns were not only trained in their proper use but were not, like the Florida Nightclub shooter, likely to commit crimes with them. The authorities were well aware of this individuals leanings however since his weapons were obtained under current state law they were unable to take action until after his attack. Many people find it confusing that people who claim to be responsible gun owners are opposed to proper licensing and training in the use of firearms.


Because he probably sees Obama as not corrupt and untrustworthy. Also an individual person is not the entire government.


What did he say when you asked him? (He'd know better than I would)