Why not give an order to the military to build the wall?

Rome used its soldiers to build roads. https://news.yahoo.com/macgregor-army-brigades-engineers-help-015722334.html


If a National Emergency is declared, I suppose that could happen....U.S. Army Corps of Engineers??

Indigo Shojo

If Trump declares a national "emergency", some of our Constitutional and Human Rights will be suspended until it is lifted. That means you could be legally detained without trial before then. As such, Trump's useless, tunneled-under wall could take years to build before the "emergency" has been ended. https://www.needtoimpeach.com/petition/

The Lord Humungus.

So you's spend millions training soldiers to do a job which used to be done by convicts in the Deep South. Why it is almost as if you don't grasp that Rome collapsed from huge military budgets. So who'd fight the wars then? Or would they just invade and pave other countries?


Is this to keep us in or them out ?


Because we live in a Constitutional Republic where a co-equal branch of government, the Congress controls the purse strings and the President isn't a dictator. I hope all of you remember if Trump uses a national emergency to build his wall which MUST involve an unconstitutional millitary take over of private land on which to build the thing, when a Democrat in the oval office declares an emergency for climate change and exercises the same power to build alternative energy souces and restrict carbon emission without congressional approval you can blame Trump for setting the precedent


How funny, Russia and China are working on hypersonic missiles and America is building walls