Are the news allowed to do this? Someone has been accused of killing someone and the news mentioned his first name, last name, exact date of?

Birth . Day month year. His street address.

W.T. Door

It depends on where as the laws are not the same everywhere. In my state (Louisiana) the law stipulates that the names and ages of people arrested by the police are public information, and I have seen their addresses & photographs also released. It is a "sunshine" law intended to prevent politicians and other influential people from concealing the fact they were arrested.

Rick B

I find it very hard to believe the news would list all those details. That would make for very boring news. But, of course they can. Why would they not be able to REPORT THE NEWS??


Once they are formally charged yes they can


As long as they say ALLEGED suspect, yes.


If requested by the police to do that, yes


Yes they are allowed to do that.