Are there arabs for Israel if are there jews for palestine?



40% of the population of Israel is Arab (some of those Arabs are even Jewish, like my extended family). Arab Muslim Israelis serve in the IDF and have been invaluable working with Israeli NGOs in the matter of Syrian refugees. So yeah, while there are Arab Israelis who act like US survivalists in refusing to pay taxes, etc. the majority of that population function just like other Israelis do.


As well as Bedouin, there are also Druze, a minority religious sect who are fully committed to Israel. The attitude of other Arab Israelis is ambiguous, reflecting the widespread discrimination which they face in an avowedly Jewish state.

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There are Bedouin members of the Knesset. Israel likes to call them Arabs. Arabs are the people of the Arabian peninsula. The Bedouin have lived in the region that includes Israel for over 8,000 years and have a better claim to it than European Jews.