Can’t the dreamers just go to their country and come back legally? The 3 year and 10 year ban won’t affect them because they came under 18?



Most would not qualify Plus there is a multi year backlog in many countries


Most lack the skill set to qualify for work visas so they'd have no grounds upon which to stake some right to move back to the US. Many however have married US citizens and done exactly as you suggest, returned home to reenter the US legally because they have marital sponsors.


Their families and lives are in the US. Many don't even speak the language of their home country. And they can't just 'come back' - they wouldn't qualify for visas.


What visa do you think they can get to legally be able to live/work in the USA........... and why would they go home when the USA is allowing them to stay

Lisa A

They have to LEAVE under 18 in order to not be banned. Once they are 18 it is their choice to break the law.

ibu guru

That's exactly a major point against DACA & efforts to "legalize" these illegal aliens. They already have a "get out of jail free card!" IF they return to their own country before they turn 18, they are not penalized for their parents' illegal acts & can then apply for any visa they qualify for, or an immediate relative who is a US citizen & meets all qualifications can file petition for their immigration. NO penalties! Those who remain beyond their 18th birthday are choosing as adults to violate the law. So why should these adult lawbreakers be allowed a second change when they refused to use their "get out of jail free card" & legally return without any penalty? As adults, they are responsible for their choice to break the law. It is no longer a matter of "my parents did it to me." They chose to break the law.

W.T. Door

The Democrats want to use the DACA people and the other 20 to 30 million illegal aliens to overthrow our two-party system so they can replace it with a one-party (Democrat) dictatorship.


And do what in their "country"? The US is their country where they were raised and educated. Since there is a per country cap on immigration, it still may take over 10 years or more even without such a ban.