How Can I travel other countries if I already applied U visa in USA?


ibu guru

1. You're an illegal alien in the US. Nobody else will likely grant you any visa since you have violated a country's visa/immigration laws. Nobody wants a lawbreaker. Nobody trusts you. 2. You are required to appear in court to testify, and only if your testimony is deemed critical to obtaining conviction of the criminal might you be approved for this temporary NON-immigration visa. You cannot leave the jurisdiction of the court while the case is pending as you are needed to testify, etc. 3. Leave the US. You cannot return. You'll be barred from reentry due to your previous violation(s) of visa/immigration laws.


You do it by using your passport and getting visas, if necessary, from the countries you want to visit.

Lisa A

Applying for a U visa means that you are in the US illegally. If you have violated one country's immigration laws, why wouldn't you violate another's? No country will grant you a visa if they know that you have lived illegally in tbe US.


you can it's the american custom officials scrutinizing U not the other way