How can my husband get a green card if he has a misdemeanor of possession of cocaine from over 10 years ago?

Other than that he has driving without a license/suspended license but those were also all at least 7 years ago. Last thing on his record is from 2012. He has gotten a specialized license so that he can drive to work since his license had been suspended. We have been married a year and a half and were told that he can't go through with the process to citizenship with the misdemeanor of possession of cocaine on his record.

Lisa A

You probably can't. he should sponsor your immigration to his country.

ibu guru

No chance. Furthermore, if he had had a green card, it would have been revoked with deportation/mandatory departure & permanent bar to entry. Any drug-related conviction is listed as CIMT - Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude - which is an absolute bar to immigration or citizenship, with no eligibility ever for any waiver of inadmissibility. If he's not legally present, he has to return to his own country before you could file any petition for him to begin with. With his criminal record, he is inadmissible. He must return to his country of citizenship. You can join him there. If he is legally present, his status cannot be renewed or changed (Adjustment of Status) - ineligible, inadmissible. He must return to his country of citizenship. You can join him there.


He might consider getting a lawyer to try to expunge his criminal record. But as it sounds as though he's already living in the US either illegally or out of status, you'll need a second lawyer to tell you if a green card would even be possible in absence of a felony record.


He probably can't. That's just the way it is, I'm afraid. Even if the drug thing was forgiven, the driving offences added to his problems.


i don't think he can

W.T. Door

You need an attorney.


By actually paying for the services of an immigration attorney.